Nordstrom’s Designer Preview Coming to Magnolia!

Nord 1

Seattle’s favorite fashion retailer, Nordstrom, will be holding its annual Designer Preview next month!

The Designer Preview is meant to duplicate the feeling of an international runway event, and it will be taking place on Thursday, July 24th, at the Smith Cove Event Center on Pier 91, in Magnolia.

Nordstrom will be showing off collections from some of their top designers, such as Prada, Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten and many others, worn by both male and female models.

The proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Seattle Art Museum, where they will fund a show titled ‘Pop Departures,’ which will debut in October.

The Design Preview will also include food trucks, a live DJ, and a Vogue fashion editor talking current trends.



Nordstrom Testing Out Same-Day Delivery in Magnolia

Can’t get enough of Nordstrom clothes? Now, Nordstrom is testing out same-day delivery in select Seattle neighborhoods, including Magnolia. For just $10, you can place an order before noon and have it arrive on your doorstep by 6pm. Nordstrom will even offer Sunday delivery to your Magnolia home. It’s just another way that Nordstrom is going above and beyond in providing superior customer service for its Seattle and Magnolia clientele.