About Magnolia

Magnolia is a Seattle neighborhood and is the largest in Washington by area.  Magnolia is bordered on the north by Salmon Bay, on the west by Puget Sound and Elliott Bay, on the south by Elliott Bay and Smith Cove and to the east by Thorndyke, beyond which lies Interbay.  It is only 4 square miles and is the home of Discovery Park and Seattle’s oldest lighthouse. Discovery Park is a naturalist’s wonderland with beach walks, woodlands, and meadows. Located on a peninsula, Magnolia is accessible only by bridge, giving it a secluded island feel.  Its name derives from an explorer who mistakenly took the trees on the community’s bluff to be magnolias, although they were truly madrona trees.  Magnolia real estate is known for manicured lots, Puget Sound bluff vistas, and the idyllic village just minutes away. The in-city exclusion provides Magnolia residents with the best of both worlds. If you are seeking a Seattle condo or Seattle home for sale with a view, Queen Anne or Magnolia would be the perfect place for you.