Hostile Solicitor in Magnolia Near Discovery Park

Around 7:30pm in the evening of July 25th, a woman who lives on W Emerson Street near Discovery Park called police to report a hostile and suspicious solicitor that had come to her door. After hearing a friendly knock at her door, she peeked out the speak easy where she saw a well groomed, 6′ tall African American man. She opened the speakeasy and told him that she did not accept solicitors at her home. The man became agitated and upset that she did not give him a chance to tell her who he was and the reason for his visit. She then asked him the reason. He became angry and told her that he’ll just get what he came for and proceeded to curse racial slurs at her while taking photographs of the side of her house. The woman’s sister followed the man as he left and headed into Discovery park, cursing racial slurs at her as well.salesman

The Seattle Police Department wants to remind people to be cautious of solicitors. Licensed door-to-door sellers must always display their registered license on their shirt. The license will display the sellers name and picture. The license is only good for the registered product they are selling. Be sure to acknowledge the solicitor so that they know someone is home and to avoid a burglary. It is always safer to address the solicitor from a side window or behind a locked screen door. If a solicitor asks to come into your home for any reason such as to use your phone or bathroom or for a glass of water, remember that you do not know the person and you are not obligated to let them in. If a sales person is allowed in the home, do not give into pressure to buy anything. If you ever feel uncomfortable end the conversation and ask the sales person to leave. Do not hesitate to call 911 if needed.

Officers Find Pig and Dog Trapped in Hot Car

This past weekend was a scorcher, and as we get into the thick of summer, let’s hope we don’t report more stories like this one: last weekend, police received a call from a concerned passerby, who reported seeing a pig, and a dog trapped in a hot car. When officers arrived at the scene, located at the corner of W Bertona St & Gilman Avenue W, and the witness had opened and unlocked the car to let the animals cool down. car

Although it was evening, it was still 86 degrees, and officers reported finding a small panting dog, and a large pot belly pig with sweatpants on – as if it wasn’t hot enough! According to the Seattle Pi, the car was filed with empty food and water bowls, and was covered in feces. The police gave the animals water, and found the owner at a nearby bar. It’s important to remember that the inside of your car is much hotter than the outside temperature, so please be cautious not to leave small children or animals unattended in your car this summer. For more information on the police report, visit the Seattle Pi.