Seattle Funding Precinct-Liaison Attorneys

When there is a public safety issue or a chronic neighbor nuisance, it’s not always most efficient or effective to call 911. Sometimes, it’s best to go through a precinct-liaison program. Up until now, Seattle budget cutbacks have prevented funding to such programs.  According to a Seattle Times article, the Seattle City Council has restored funding to allow four attorney liaisons in  Seattle’s five police precincts.

For the Magnolia area, your precinct liaison attorney is Sumeer Singla. Starting in mid-February, you can contact him as a resource to solve neighborhood issues, like nuisance properties, feuding neighbors, and gang activity. Additionally, he lives in the West  precinct, so he has a vested interest in the public safety issues of Magnolia and the surrounding Queen Anne neighborhood. With a precinct liaison attorney, it increases the police capabilities, using legal means to solve community issues. You can contact him at 206-386-4084 for your community needs, starting mid-February. To view the precinct-liaison attorneys in the other precincts of Seattle or for more information, please visit the Seattle Times article.

Changes in Seattle’s Land Code Use Allows Magnolia Cottage

As reported in the Seattle and Real Estate blog, Seattle changed its land use codes in 2009 to permit backyard cottages. Since then, they have been sprouting up throughout the city of Seattle, including Magnolia.

According to the Magnolia Voice, a couple took advantage of this land-use change and built their first backyard cottage. The 2-bedroom, 800 sq.ft cottage will be used as a vacation rental and home for the woman’s father in the coming years.

If you’re curious about backyard cottage and want to find out more, there will be a open house at the backyard cottage – 3448 36th Avenue West – from 1pm-4pm on Sunday, January 15th.

Josephina’s Mexican Food Open in Magnolia

Josphina's Mexican FoodLast week, a new Mexican grill place opened in Magnolia, Josephina’s Mexican Food. Located on 28th and Thorndyke, it has been receiving stellar reviews on Yelp and via word-of-mouth. I cannot wait to check it out this weekend.

Josephina’s Mexican Food offers the classic Mexican dishes that aren’t offered at every restaurant in Seattle: tacos el pastor, camitas, adobada, and salsa that is fresh and delicious. It’s also very authentic. The tortillas are freshly made, pressed right in front of you. Josephina’s is so authentic that the mole sauce is made by the grandmother down in Mexico, who ships it up!

Depending on how hungry you are, you may want to split a plate, as the portion sizes are sizable. Check out Josephina’s Mexican Food and tell me what you think!