Vertical World Opens its Upgraded Magnolia Gym Today!

Seattle Magnolia Climbing Gym OpensFollowing on the heels of a Ballard climbing gym’s recent expansion, Vertical World has upgraded its Magnolia location and it opens today! Located mere blocks from its previous location and in a former boat construction warehouse, the larger Magnolia space at 2330 West Commodore Way boasts taller walls, a state-of-the-art circulation system, and a much bigger & brighter space.  Doors open at 4pm today!

If you’re an avid climber or only new to the sport, you’ve got to check out the upgraded Vertical World climbing gym for two reasons. First, climbing is the best sport you can do nine months out of the year when you’re living in Seattle, IMO. The bright climbing walls are a nice contrast to the gray, winter skies. Second, Vertical World is America’s first indoor climbing gym! Plus, it has a “rocking” climbing team. Chalk up and head to this top-rope-focused gym. It might take you to new heights!

New Street Food Pod in Interbay Near Magnolia

According to the Seattle Met Magazine, Magnolia might have a street food pod in the area. Keep your eyes on 15th and Boston in the Interbay Area to try out some new eats. Although 10 food trucks are on board, only 1 has committed; Buns on Wheels will be serving up scrumptious burgers on Thursday from 11am-12pm.

If the food truck location is successful, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of yummy food truck treats. But only your patronage will keep the food trucks coming back.

Four-Story Apartment Building Proposed in Magnolia

According to the Magnolia Voice, the block of 2400 and 32nd Ave West has some proposed changes in the works. The owner of two vacant, single-story Magnolia commercial buildings located at 2406 32nd Ave West, Terry Yoshikawa, recently filed plans with the city to build a four-story, mixed-use apartment building.

The proposed Seattle property would have 28 units, 3,500 square feet of commercial space, and 33 parking spaces. It sounds like an improvement to this residential Seattle neighborhood. To voice your opinion whether in support or against this proposed Seattle construction, attend the public meeting held at the Queen Anne Community Center at 1901 1st Ave West on Wednesday, January 18th at 6:30pm.

Christmas Ship Stops at Golden Gardens Park

It’s that magical time of year again in the Northwest and what better way to bring in the holiday season than the 62nd annual Christmas Ship Festival from Argosy Cruises.  The festival features the ever popular Christmas Ship decked out with décor, filled with music and brimming with holiday spirit.  The Christmas Ship sets sail on 25 nights this season and stops at many Puget Sound waterfront locations.  If you live in Magnolia, make sure to see the ships tomorrow, December 7th, in the nearby neighborhood of Ballard.  The ship wll visit the Ballard Locks from 8:10 to 8:30 pm, then make its way to Golden Gardens Park and stay there from 9:05 to 9:25 pm.  Onboard, riders can enjoy chorus performances and a visit from Santa Clause.  You can also ride on one of the dinner cruise boats which trail behind the Christmas Ship so you can experience all the sights and sounds while dining.  If you didn’t spring for a ticket this year, don’t worry because Golden Gardens Park is a great place to simply watch the festival and see the ship with your family.  If you would like to purchase tickets for a Christmas Ship cruise, see a full schedule of events or to find more information, please see the website.   Ticked proceeds will benefit the Seattle Times Fund for The Needy.  See you at Golden Gardens!

Nordstrom Testing Out Same-Day Delivery in Magnolia

Can’t get enough of Nordstrom clothes? Now, Nordstrom is testing out same-day delivery in select Seattle neighborhoods, including Magnolia. For just $10, you can place an order before noon and have it arrive on your doorstep by 6pm. Nordstrom will even offer Sunday delivery to your Magnolia home. It’s just another way that Nordstrom is going above and beyond in providing superior customer service for its Seattle and Magnolia clientele.