Magnolia Coffee Talk with Michael DeBell

This Saturday, Seattle Public School board member, Michael DeBell will be hosting a coffee talk at the Magnolia coffee shop, Caffe Appassionato.

Smart move on DeBell’s part. The SPS has been under the heat of the media for many issues, including the approved sale of MLK Elementary to the lowest bidder, stealing from the district, and more. The SPS could use a PR move like this to connect and strengthen its ties with the community. If nothing else, it’ll be a great time for DeBell to listen to how the community feels about how the SPS is operating.

If you have an opinion, march on down to Caffe Appassionato by the Fisherman’s Terminal in Magnolia this Saturday, November 19th, 9am-11am. For some, that’s early on a Saturday; however, the coffee beans from the roasting plant (yes, Caffe Appassionato does its own roasting) will keep you energized, as well as the delicious dark chocolate Appassionato mocha.