Magnolia Schools Score Reports

Seattle Public Schools recently released a district wide report on state test scores and yearly improvement rates.  Eighty-two schools were involved and rated from 1-5, one being low passage rates and little improvement and a 5, the contrary.  Some schools received high grades, while others scores were not so impressive.  Twelve schools in the district got a perfect score, but almost just as many received a 1.  The Elementary Schools in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle include Lawton and Catherine Blaine K-8.   According to score reports on, Lawton received a 4 and Catherine Blaine K-8 received a 5.  Scores among the middle schools and high schools for the Magnolia area included: Ballard High School-3, and McClure Middle School-3.  The Magnolia area schools had a higher average among elementary schools, but showed lower scores in middle and high schools.  In the areas who scored lower, district leaders have conferred and said that if these rankings don’t improve (in schools scored in the lower range) in the next couple of years, replacing the staff or closing schools may both be possible consequences.    Schools will be provided funds to carry out improvement plans, and those with the lowest scores will get the largest dollar amounts.  Among other communities whose primary schools received lower grades, residents have expressed concern over how this reflects on the education and curriculum in the community, and school representatives plan on providing them information as well as a meeting to discuss the reports.  Because the data is fairly extensive, some school staffers are organizing meetings for residents to attend.  Hopefully, these resulting scores will increase the emphasis put on the importance of education in our communities.  More detailed reports can be seen at

Waterfront Magnolia Home

Waterfront Magnolia HomeThis Magnolia home on the waterfront was sold in 2007.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own true waterfront! The home is a fantastic contemporary house designed by Reid Morgan and sitting out on the water on Salmon Bay (view shown at top of page), looking North West up the bay to the Olympic Mountains, the Sound, Islands, and glorious sunsets.  There are very active vistas of boats going through the locks, and the excitement of the nearby railroad bridge(trains travel slowly here).  The dock is huge and valuable.  Nature is in your backyard with an abundance of sea birds, salmon & marine mammals playing in and around the water.  The home has a three-car garage and shop. The basement has a mother-in-law apartment as well. This home is ready for you and any modernization!

Quaint Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home for Sale

Magnolia Home for Sale

This home presents a great opportunity to live in the desirable and quiet Magnolia neighborhood. The quaint, one-story home has a newer kitchen and a large fully-fenced backyard perfect for gardening and barbecues. The house is very close to Discovery Park, the library, playground, schools and stores.